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Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

Lord Hanuman, Bajrangbali or Anjaneya is the protector of troubled, savior of distressed, and giver of absolute wisdom. The kind Lord is known to benefit all who call him from their hearts. The epitome of selfless service and pinnacle of strength and devotion is the one who can solve all our woes and bless us with profound bliss. The blessedHanuman Chalisa Yantra is a one-of-a-kind gold-plated Yantra with Complete Hanuman Chalisa printed in a miniature form, which is visible to naked eyes. This Yantra is Made-in-European Union with a patented technique for such small-scale inscription and comes in form of a beautiful pendant. This cutting-edge European technology results in engraving of miniature text permanently on a crystal glass. The gold plating on the pendant is of high-quality and long lasting. The back of Yantra is with Hanuman Raksha Kavach engraved to protect the one, who wears it, from all evil.

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra
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Nano-Graphics, as the name suggests, is a technique used to effect extremely small text and images onto a very small area. This highly-sophisticated technology is primarily designed to preserve and protect top-secret military documents by way of miniaturizing them. The technique in its true form is available ONLY with European Union and the inscription in this pendant is done at a facility in Belgium. This complex inscription procedure is performed on a small 4x4 mm crystal glass making the inscription very visible and durable. In order to produce cheap and fake copies, ink-on-polymer sheet technique can be used; however, ink-polymer sheet graphics are extremely prone to weather in general and moisture in particular and fade in no time. Also, as there are limitations to ink use, the scripture produced in any way other than Nano-graphics technique are neither complete nor totally visible, such inscriptions can never achieve the precision, visibility as well as durability level of crystal glass etching.

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